WordPress is in the market since 2003 and there are no doubts that WordPress has become the most popular CMS in world, although WordPress was built as blog platform but then it’s been modernized and it got thousands of plugins available for website development which will be same better as other platforms, and of course its open source platform so its always the first choice of bloggers but now it gets lots of attractive designs and templates with which you can create great website design.

Just look at these impressive facts about WordPress:

  • There are 60 million installations on WordPress
  • Every sixth website in top million are built with WordPress
  • More than 50% of websites which uses CMS are built with WordPress
  • WordPress is 100% open source platform and built whole by volunteers
  • Almost all hosting providers allow single click WordPress installations

Other reason why WordPress is famous is you don’t need to have knowledge of HTML or PHP to manage your blog or website, all you need is to log in and just edit or modify contents as per your need.

The coding of WordPress sites are very simple and reliable what makes it very easy for search engine to find contents and indexing it in searches, and other plus point is all images and posts has its own title and description and tags so it can be optimized very easily and also there are many plugins available which makes whole optimization process very simple and so these are the reason why search engines always likes WordPress sites and blogs

Some other advantages why WordPress is more famous are given below

  1. It is very easy to operate: Anyone can easily operate their own website or blog administration with simple and user-friendly interface

  2. Affordable to build: There are lots of affordable WordPress templates available in market with attractive designs and suitable functions for attractive web design.

  3. Easy editing:  Adding functions and modifications are became very easy with lots of plugins which are very easy to install and use

  4. SEO friendly: Search engine optimization is very accurate on this platform with help of plugins and also its simple coding helps search engine to find your websites content quickly and list it

  5. Better e-commerce platform: There are lots of ready to use themes for e-commerce website development and there are many plugins which makes all the process simple from adding products to checkout with online payment