Are you suffering from old looking website? Why don’t you redesign your website now? Redesigning your website give an improved new look. The Success of your existing website is valuable in knowing how to perfect improve the website and re-design worth your time effort and cost.

Before redesign your website, a clear purpose and goal should be established to direct project. Without specifically knowing why site want to be redesign or what we need to improved, we may wind up with better design look but it is unlikely more effective for users and business.

We have many website come for redesigning for client that needs fresh look and improvements. Some websites may be effective for attractive new business, but usability have been suffered because of difficulty in navigation and most important if content not consistently prioritized throughout site. Generally, the website need to make more effective for both users and for business. The design need to be effective updated and website should be focal point on income generating services.

In that situation now How it should be approach for both designer and website owner that is important. Below post, we have consider some key points in process and why they have large impact on end. Look at some key points in process and large impact of it in website redesign.

Decide the goal of Website Redesigning?

Whether you are creating new website or redesigning existing website, it is critical to clear and identify purpose and key features of for determining success of project. But as part of designer your responsibility is to make website look good but important to make site effective for visitors rather than business owner.

It is always important to have basic and clear understanding of reasons and targets as they should impact decisions that make along way. Without clear knowing the goals of project you will lack the direction and get wind up in website and in the end you will not meet your needs.

While starting redesigning website, take time with the client before starting, to list out the project goal, specifications, improvement that they want to new or exist website and what need to be accomplished. Once you will clear about your goal in website after that you will be able to work towards achieving goals with target and confidence to complete task.

Goal setting process involves to get specifically what a website should be accomplish for client and that is obvious in some cases, but it is worth taking time for consideration because the wrong approach can seriously can divert the effectiveness of website. The things that should be consider are aspect of website for business? either selling products? or finding new clients? or is it strictly informational?

  1. Just a minor upgrade or a complete Website Redesign?

Most of the cases current website have some strengths and some weakness of it. So the during Website redesigning strength should be maintained as long as possible and but the aim is to weakness should be improved at targeted point.

A Website Redesign may be anything from minor up gradation to entire new website. The time taken, effort and cost of redesign vary as per work but you should have clear idea that what types of changes are required to achieve goal with website redesigning.

After Complete Website Redesign is done, need to be considering what extent new design should resemble old design. When visitors come back to your site after redesigning, visitors should not feel like they have never been visited your website.

  1. Keep most effective aspects of the current design

Generally, there are some things that work very well in previous website that aspect that you may like to keep or may be add in to new design. It is good things to keep simple list out your likes and dislikes will help in making decisions on new design.

As we know website is important for branding, and website redesign have major impacts on repeat visitors, That is usually preferable  to keep looks same and feel website rather than fully going in different direction.

  1. What aspects of the current design are not effective?

During Redesigning Website there are some characteristics of design that do not perfect for your business to new visitors. Thus some unlikely stuff need to be removed and redesign that things in website.

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