Google and Wikipedia had successfully used Artificial intelligence programs, the technology is more than within our grip to let us develop software which can determine and act as a human without the need for the manpower.

One of their most creative use is for web design programs, like The Grid, which even let beginner to make some pretty slick websites with the use of an artificial intelligence program named Molly.

You will just need to write content, Molly does the rest.


The reason we trust that the acceptance of static site generators keeps increasing is simple.

Static site generators are the best way to create websites. You don’t need a database,  rather your web pages are normal files which work on your servers. With that comes improvement in website loading times, better security approach, and ease of deployment.


Bots are created to make our life better and our experiences more easygoing (or at least they should). Bots are attractive from different standpoints and use cases.

Chris Messina has predicted in 2016 that it will be the year of informal commerce. As social messenger platforms are being more and more popular, its role and effect on web design and web development can no longer be ignored.

SO the design and development of conversational UI will become a critical topic for developers in 2017.


let’s start with JavaScript talk now. I know there’s, even more, buzz nearby JavaScript and it’s applicability. However, it is by far the most famous technology used by full stack developers.


Now a days lots of business are moving into this technology of using chatbots for customer support instead of old and slow email thing.

This chat bots take over right at the perfect place where they can be the most useful. On your product and also right on your website.

Bots definitely boost online sales, It troubleshoots customer problems, and arrange help when it’s needed. And that sounds Perfect

  • Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails 5 was released in June 2016, Rails 5 is launched to become much more popular throughout 2017.

since its released in 2005, Rails looked unable to make a real effect on web development but the comfort and collection of features within Rails 5 including Turbolinks 5 and ActionCable is hurriedly making it a firm favorite with web developers.

Turbolinks 5 grant you to create one-page applications directly from the Rails stack. There won’t be a need for client-side JavaScript frameworks.

With performance improvement and better aesthetic flexibility, Ruby on Rails 5 let web developers focus more on the overall look and feel of the website while the framework itself interfere around with all the behind-the-scenes messiness.

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