Google has been announced over long year “HTTPS” in website everywhere in the impact of website security. As security increase in website also affect ranking in Google of your website. In that session, many websites got success by a transition into HTTPS.

Many developers had resistant to make changes, putt themselves with Google. Many websites recently just transition to HTTPS, while Google announced it by default in 2010. The Google Search Engine is a popular advocate for a secure web.

Google as announced clearly that HTTPS is expected who want rank higher in search engines for your websites. This makes you more comfortable using Google, because we know they will not deliver search results includes websites which is not secured using HTTPS.
Move to HTTPS

SSL for website Security provides HTTPS security to your website development. It means doing procedural changes which treat HTTPS implementation while doing website development process. It provides fewer website down from security reasons. Never avoid the things that security affects everyone included in your website.

Any website is going to upgrade its website’s security will find ranking up by their competitors whose insecure websites. Google search engine is clear on security based websites. Time and Research give the understanding of the marketplace, goals and industries which give you a competitive advantage.

Many things are there you can use to differentiate your website from your competitors. A website using HTTPS is secure things you can improve your business by pushing up the search engine results.

secure web design

Is your website secure? If you are not sure then use SSL test tool and find out where you stand in search engine pages. If your website URL doesn’t show HTTPS then your website is not secure. We think you should secure your website by adding SSL Certificates to transition to HTTPS.

Many other things should be taken care while developing a website that gives more security to your website for present and in future. Let’s have some brief pointing discussion about extra caring points.

  • Keep All Software Updated

If you want to see more CMS software, should update plug-in regularly for new changes update. However, you are looking for web pages then your plug-in must be updated regularly.

  • Make Layers of security for website

Website’s first defense is against hacking of website from hackers. For that reason, you can use firewall web application to defend threats and virus attacks from hackers.

  • Strong Password

Using Strong password is an important and effective solution to defend from brute force attacks. Make sure your password is a combination of alphabets, numbers and symbols.

  • Build Admin Directory tough

A simple and easy way to hack your website is going directly through source into data and hack your admin directories. Use some innocuous sound name for your  admin folder which is only know to developers to greatly increase more security to your websites.