This is an age of Mobile and Tablets. Now a day, most of the person use the mobile phone and tablets. So visitor open any website or application on his phone or tablets because they already have smartphone and tablets. All users open the website in their small screens through all the day. Whether it is online shopping, chat in the social media Like Facebook, Twitter or any other web browsing, users prefer the small screen instead of big ones because small screens are portable and very much easier to use. if you Don’t have responsive website design then you lose the multiple users of your business

What is Responsive Web Design?

In easy words, responsive web design is the one that can be viewed with ease on any size of a screen from desktop monitors to mobile screens. For a responsive web design, web designers keep some things in mind. They are:

  • The images are made flexible so that they can easily change or resize according to the size of the viewer’s screen.
  • A media query is an important part of responsive web design as it helps to check the capacity of any device in terms of device height and width of viewpoint.  A media query provides the different rules for different types of devices.

Advantages of responsive web design are listed here:

  1. Increase in Mobile Traffic

Website design for little screens is more sought after as they represent the larger part of the movement for a specific site. Thusly, contacting group of onlookers utilizing little size devices has turned into the need of great importance. Subsequently, mobile responsive website design turns out to be extremely basic, as users must be given extreme satisfaction while they browse through little screen devices. Twisted pictures or messages can ruin the reputation of a site.

  1. Higher Positions in Search Engines

A mobile responsive website design dependably discovers its place high up in the search engine. A mobile responsive website design is certification to the way that the website has a single set of the hyperlink. That implies that time spent on keeping up the website diminishes and in that capacity the notoriety of the website improves complex. This helps secures its position among the first class websites. Google additionally prescribes these websites.

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